Madison Duffy
Lead Graphic Designer


Like baseball, life is not just a game of fastballs – sometimes a changeup gets thrown and it’s up to you to hit it out of the park. I entered college with the focus of being a collegiate volleyball player, and four years later graduated as a well-versed graphic designer from a top university. During this time, I attended three different schools, earned two separate degrees, played Division II volleyball, and I couldn’t be happier with every decision. This non-traditional route taught me to adapt to many different circumstances quickly and still find a way to achieve any goal.

During my time at Boston University, I had an opportunity to work as a graphic designer and web developer with a number of companies throughout the city, as well as local artists. This allowed me to learn and experience working in all sides of design – from hands on printmaking, painting and drawing, to on screen work with websites, social media and filming documentaries. Through it all, I have found a love and passion for being creative individually and in a team setting.

Here at Reach Beyond Marketing, I get to work with a number of clients and craft images and presentations that speak directly to their brand.

When my creativity needs a recharge, I am most likely in the kitchen learning old family recipes, watching or playing a multitude of sports, or cracking open a good book.

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