Gregg Chase
Creative Director


As an innovator and problem solver, I’ve had a vested interest in expressing ideas that are beyond words, choosing instead to communicate concepts visually during my 30-year career as a graphic designer. I thrive in teams that embrace individuality, and as the creative director at Reach Beyond, I work to foster an environment that encourages each person to apply their existing skill sets and solve real problems for our clients.

Logos are reflective of the brands behind them. At Reach Beyond, I create personalized and meaningful logos that act as identifiers for clients, communicating through visual imagery the emotions, goals and persona of your business to the public. Throughout my long and winding career, I have designed for diverse clients ranging from the Yale University Press to the Yale Art Gallery and Greenwich Hospital, giving each my undivided attention to create something that both my clients and I believe in.

I like to think of myself as an enabler. When I rely on my own abilities in design and development, I enable your business to reach audiences in new and unforeseen ways, and give our entire creative team an outlet to assist you through their expressive skills. For me, creativity is as vital as productivity when it comes to making a client successful.

In my free time, I like to express myself through a variety of creative channels. I write original screenplays, jam on the guitar, and consider photography one of my favorite hobbies. There is nothing better than finding ways to communicate using more than just words!

I’m a small cat person.

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